Happy Clucking Holidays. The best album of Christmas Songs Clucked by a human chicken. Ever!
Check out the video of "Your's Truly on the David Letterman Show"
Welcome to the most exciting development in Christmas, since Santa himself! This quality product is uniquely and specifically designed to bring the MERRY back into Christmas, the HAPPY back into New Year and the STUFFER back into stocking!

KIDS LOVE IT! Adults love it! Adult children love it as well as childish adults. And isn't being a kid again what Christmas is all about?

This album contains fully orchestrated accompaniment, jazz combos, medieval minstrels and more! Please do not confuse this with other products that contain sampled animal sounds. As entertaining as they may be, they do not have the enduring quality and production values of Happy Clucking Holidays.

Buy Happy Clucking Holidays and get more than your money's worth. Can you put a price tag on joy? How much is it worth to put a smile on a small child's face. Wouldn't you love to see your friends laugh for just a few dollars?

This is your chance!
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